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“Dr. Hess Udder Ointment is literally a true healing cream.
Last year I was browsing in a pharmacy in Downtown Los Angeles, I was desperate and needed a healing agent, shortly after purchasing Dr. Hess Udder Ointment I applied the cream on my affected areas, within an hour the throbbing pain went away and the swelling started to go down, by the next day the soars were starting to dry out, less than a week my infection was completely gone.”
“You have to try Dr. Hess Udder ointment, friends. I’ve been using it for a few months but the results were instant! My horribly dry cracked heels improved from the first day and are now smooth and soft. My cracked knees and elbows are sooo soft and smooth now and it healed the eczema patches on my arms and legs; and they haven’t come back!”
“My family has used this product for over 80 years. It has a magic healing power to heal all skin problems and also our milk cows teats. I am a hairdresser and my husband is a Rural Mail Carrier and we use it every night and by morning our hands are healed and soft. Thank You” Clark” family for continuing to manufacture this wonderful skin product. It is in all our families’ homes and we are so blessed to have found it again.”
I have had problems with cracked, painful skin on my fingers and feet when I moved to the Midwest with its cold, dry winters.  Nothing has ever helped … I mean nothing.  Somehow I purchases the Udder ointment mostly out of desperation.  Not only did I love the smell and softness of my skin after putting on the ointment, but it healed those cuts and dry skin very quickly.  I was amazed.  And a permanent customer!”
Bonnie, Iowa,


If you are dealing with problem skin, eczema, chafing, severe dryness, diabetic skin damage, cracked heels etc., you know how badly you would like to find a product that works. Now you have!  If it doesn’t help, we will give you your money back, guaranteed!!”



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DrhessFor over 100 years, Dr. Hess Products have been providing relief for all skin needs. Originally developed for cow’s udders in the early 1900′s, farmers were soon remarking on the incredible healing effects it was having on their own skin. Soon it was a staple in every medicine cabinet.

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