• “I’m serious that the little sample you sent me did more good for my daughter’s eczema than a trial tube of prescription cream a dermatologists gave us to try.”

    Denise , Spring, TX

  • “Works on my husbands coal miners fingers. They get cracks and eczema on them and it is the only thing that cleared it up.”

    Rebekah, St. George, Utah

  • “Cracked heels anyone??? “Well, i was a bit skeptical even when I read what People had said about your product. I thought well I will send away and try it and see for myself after trying so many other products that claimed to do the same for cracked heels and skin. And if it doesnt work, well just throw the jar away like all the others! Well I was so surprised to find that finally I found a product that lives up to what it says it will do and more. It didnt stop working after a day or so but continues to work and make my skin feel sooo good! Thank You x1000 for making a product that stands up to its reputation!!! It is all that and more! No more cracked heel skin!”

    Diane, PA

  • “I have suffered for 9 years with Psoriasis.  After using your product, my skin improved tremendously. Most of all I feel no more itching and no more burning of my skin, looks better and feels soft to the touch. I cannot express to you the happiness I felt at the end of the very first day that I tried it. I did actually cry….from happiness and being so grateful to find this ointment. I use it twice daily now. The change is not only in the look and feel of my skin, but also in the quality of my life. Thank you for continuing to make this great product.”

    Velia, Fort Worth, Texas

  • “I would like to take a minute to write in and send a big Thank You to Dr. Hess. I have suffered with some bad rashes and ‘itchy’ skin over most of my body for the past 6 months, I have visited several doctors and been put on different creams and medications to try and solve the problems- with the end result being that I have developed a chronic skin disorder that I will now always battle. I have found that Dr. Hess has worked wonders with managing my rash and achy skin. In applying the cream before going to bed I find relief in my skin and am able to sleep without pain. I am so grateful it was recommended to give ‘Dr. Hess a try’- a product that may be overlooked by many should be a staple in everyone’s closet, This stuff is AMAZING!  Thanks Dr. Hess”

    Monika, Utah

  • “I recommend the ointment to all my patients for side effects ranging from hand-foot syndrome to dry skin from radiation treatment etc. It works beautifully and is affordable for patients. Thank you for making such a wonderful product”

    Patty RN ONC, New York

  • “I have a daughter that is a severe diabetic and this is the only product that we have found that helps her dry and cracked feet!”

    Sarah, Ohio

  • “This has been terrific for diaper rash and also have used it on a diabetic ulcer on my foot and it is almost healed.”

    Susan, Texas