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Dr. Hess Natural Foot Cream - Advanced Formula, 4.5 Oz

Dr. Hess Natural Foot Cream - Advanced Formula, 4.5 Oz

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This advanced formula was designed specifically to help revitalize tired and sore feet with dry and cracked skin.  Formulated by a podiatric physician and surgeon with 40 years of foot care experience, the selection of each ingredient is for softening and moisturizing dry skin, calluses and cracked heals. The application of a low friction massage will also promote circulation and help penetrating the skin to reduce stiffness and make skin more resilient.

  • Promotes optimum moisture levels
  • Assists in healing dehydrated skin
  • Helps eliminate dry thick calluses
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Clears fungus and bacteria
  • Relieves pain and promotes healthy nerves

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